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Swiss Raclette


To call Raclette a cheese is a total understatement. It’s a national dish (in Switzerland of course) and a true God send for all those willing to host in style, but pressed for time.

Children in particular seem to get a great kick out of meals around the raclette machine, happily scraping the melted cheese over some boiled potatoes and a little heap of raw vegetables.

Smooth and paste-like with a dark reddish rind, Raclette has a warm and subtly spicy aroma. Just as delicious when eaten cold, Raclette is the ultimate cooking cheese.

What with? Anything pickled goes particularly well, like Pickled onions or cornichons. Drink-wise you can go for white as well as red. Our classy Loire Wine Sancerre Domaine Bonnard would be a good choice, as far as Whites are concerned.

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