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country Italian Cheese

An ancient soft cheese dating back to the 10th century, Taleggio is named after Val Taleggio in Lombardy. Sweet and delicate with a creamy, slight sour taste, a quality Taleggio must have the 4 leafed stamp of the Consorzio Tutela Taleggio.

Taleggio was originally called stracchino from the Italian stracch: tired. That’s because it was made from the milk of exhausted cows at the end of the journey down from the Alps to the plains for winter. Today the best Taleggio is made from unpasteurised milk, rubbed in salt and matured in caves. Only eat it when it’s ripe and at room temperature – eating straight from the fridge is a real crime against this cheese!

What with? Oozy Taleggio goes very well with crackers, cranberries and pears. You can eat it on bruschetta with fresh tomatoes or use it to add a lovely tangy creaminess to risotto. Cheese Board Chutney definately is a good choice with Taleggio, as is the Chianti Classico Riseccoli.

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