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This little goats’ cheese is made from unpasteurised milk. Smooth, white, mild and nutty, it has a grey salted charcoal rind. It looks like a pyramid with the top cut off and there is of course a story behind
that. Apparently Napoleon took exception to the original pyramid shape because it reminded him of defeat in Egypt, so he got out his sword and chopped the top off. True or just a good story? It won’t matter at all once you’ve tried this yummy cheese!

What with? Valençay’s favourite companion is white wine. To break the unwritten rule of putting french cheese with french wine we dare to suggest a spanish white! Banda Dorada is truly unusual due to its natural carbon and edge and a splendid partner to this classic cheese. Valençay goes really well with fruit
too, especially cherries and plums. Or just get yourself some Black Cherry
Extra Jam and spread it on toast.

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