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White Cheshire


country English Cheese

Cheshire has a good claim to be Britain’s oldest named cheese and is said to date back to Roman times. A lovely creamy, tangy cheese, it’s white and crumbly when young and gets firmer and more flavoursome as it ages. Cheshire also has a yummy saltiness; this may be due to the salt deposits under the Cheshire pastures where the cows graze.

Queen Elizabeth 1 was very partial to a bit of Cheshire and in the 1700s it was the cheese of choice for the Royal Navy. It’s also immortalised in the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in London, the pub of choice for Charles Dickens, Dr Samuel Johnson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This isn’t just a cheese, it’s a slice of English history.

What with? Like Wensleydale, White Cheshire is seriously good with fruit. Try it with a splodge of Mango Chutney and see if you can resist second and third helpings! It’s also great with honey roasted ham or crumbled over roast peppers; the sweetness sets off the acid saltiness beautifully. We’ve even seen a recipe for White Cheshire and Apple Crumble, which sounds a little risky, but probably tastes absolutely wonderful.

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