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Windsor Red


country English Cheese
Long Clawson Dairy

Windsor Red is a pale, firm and moist cheddar laced with port and brandy; a combination of cheesy creaminess and subtle fruity booziness that’s simply irresistible. Put it on your cheeseboard and everyone will want a nibble.

Red Windsor is made by Long Clawson Dairy in the Vale of Belvoir, an area famous for rich pastures and great cheese, including Stilton. The Dairy was founded in 1911 by local farmers and over a century later still makes wonderful cheeses the old way.

What with? Windsor Red makes a great dessert cheese and naturally goes very nicely with a glass of Taylors Port. This stunning pink cheese is a real eyecatcher on your cheese board. Just serve it plain with Oat Wafers and some grapes.

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