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The Lovely Little Cake 26-32 people



Feast your eyes on this vision of lovely cheesiness – perfect if you want a cheese cake to really spoil your guests.

From top to bottom:

  • Godminster Organic Cheddar (Heart shaped): Medium strong with a sharp edge tempered by lovely creamy mellowness.
  • Perl Wen: Buttery, mushroomy cream with a lemony tang, like the love child of a Brie and Caerphilly.
  • Manchego: The Spanish classic, a rich buttery hard cheese with a silky supple texture and a tangy edge.
  • Pecorino Dolce: Very soft and fresh, salty and piquant. A taste of Tuscan sunshine.
  • Red Devil: Artisan Red Leicester laced with chilli and crushed pepper, all lovely moist cheesiness with a delicious bite.

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