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The Vegetarian Little Cake



Some of our absolute favourite English and Welsh cheeses happen to be animal rennet free (and obviously bursting with flavour).

From top to bottom:

  • Godminster Organic Cheddar: : Medium strong with a sharp edge tempered by lovely creamy mellowness (200g).
  • Perl Las: A gorgeous golden blue with a strong lingering flavour, oodles of delicate cream and just a touch of salt and spice (200g).
  • Cornish Yarg: A semi- hard lemony creamy delight with a touch of mushroom all wrapped up in nettles (500g).
  • Green Thunder:: Creamy, mature cheddar with garden herbs and a glorious punch of garlic (1kg).
  • Perrl Wen: A glorious combination of creamy Brie and lemony Caerphilly, Perl Wen is an organic artisan cheese delight (1kg).

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