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Virginia Cheese Wedding Cake Small


A truly stunning centrepiece for your wedding celebrations. Each cheese perfectly complements the other, with a wonderful range of flavours and textures. It’s a creation that people will talk about for years to come.

  • Top tier: Neufchatel Heart. This delicate creamy,salty, mushroomy cheese from Normandy is sure to steal your heart.
  • Second tier: Cornish Yarg. A semi-hard lemony creamy delight with a touch of mushroom all wrapped up in nettles.
  • Third tier: Pecorino Dolce. Wonderfully fresh sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany.
  • Fourth tier: Tomme de Savoie. A gentle, earthy, nutty cheese from the French Alps.
  • Fifth tier: Smoked Cherrywood Cheddar. Strong, sharp white cheddar with a deep smoky richness and just a hint of whiskey.
  • Sixth tier: Oxford Blue. Gorgeously creamy, this semi soft blue has a sharp piquant tang.
  • Bottom tier: Swiss Raclette. Smooth with a dark red rind and a subtle warmth of spice.

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