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Bloomsbury Cheese Wedding Cake Small


A seriously delicious selection of cheeses that are works of art in their own right and sheer poetry
together. You just can’t get married without one!

  • First tier: Capricorn Goat. Crumbly nutty loveliness, with a touch of salt, this cheese is a wonder of freshness.
  • Second tier: Cornish Yarg. A semi- hard lemony creamy delight with a touch of mushroom all wrapped up in nettles.
  • Third tier: Pecorino Dolce. Wonderfully fresh sheep’s milk cheese from Tuscany.
  • Fourth tier: Harlech. A mature cheddar speckled with horseradish and parsley. Tangy and zesty with a nice edge of heat.
  • Fifth tier: Blacksticks Blue. A dark gold cheese veined with yummy blue. Smooth and tangy, not too strong, not too mild. Just perfect.
  • Sixth tier: Brie de Meaux. The classic crowd pleaser, rich, piquant cream in a soft white velvet rind.
  • Bottom tier: Vintage Gouda. Caramel, butterscotch and salt combine in this gorgeous dark gold cheese. Grainy and crumbly, with lovely crunchy crystals.

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