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Britannia Cheese Wedding Cake Small


Britannia certainly rules here. A stack of happy and glorious english cheeses. (As well as one welsh representative). Delicious,classy and something to be proud of for sure.

  • First (bottom) tier: eyecatching Wensleydale Cranberry, creamy and moist and wonderfully fruity.
  • Second tier: semi-soft and distinctly artisan Isle of Avalon. Similar to french Chaumes or Gourmelin,but more aromatic.
  • Third tier: Shropshire Blue, an unusually colourful blue cheese option. It is orangey inside. Stilton-like, but milder in flavour (and wilder in colour).
  • Fourth tier: nettle clad Cornish Yarg, an absolute cheese lover’s favourite. Mild flavoured with a hint of mushroom.
  • Fifth tier: The beautifully shaped Celtic Promise from Wales,ripened in Cider with a fruity scent and buttery texture.
  • Sixth (top) tier: A must,not just for visual reasons! Dense and surprisingly creamy Godminster Organic Cheddar (heart).

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